12 Rupa Sebijik Macam Karakter Disney! Jom Kita Tengok Sama Ke Tidak!

Kebanyakkan orang mengenali walt disney.. Banyak kartun atau movie yang dikeluarkan oleh walt disney. gambar di bawah pula menunjukkan watak atau kartun terbitan disney yang hampir sama dengan orang yang betul. sama atau tidak itu terpulang dengan pandangan masing masing.

1. This judge from Ukraine and Ursula from The Little Mermaid look so similar. The makeup and her hair are done to perfection. I hope that the makeup is waterproof.


2. Someone just found an exact lookalike for Carl from the movie Up. Well, widower Carl looks very grumpy in real life too. Let’s just hope that his real life lookalike gentleman has a house with a proper foundation.


3. This guy has a lot of similarities with Linguini from Ratatouille. They have the same kind of hairstyle. It seems that they have lovable personalities too.


4. This kid has a lot of similarities with the character Russell from Up. With that yellow outfit and all those merit badges, it feels that the character has just come to life.


5. Khal Drogo from the Game of Thrones looks so much like Scar from The Lion King. Their looks match to some extent, however, their personalities seem to be matching even more.


6. With that makeup on her face, Nicki Minaj looks so much like Mrs Potato Head from Toy Story. Their lips have a lot of similarities.


7. This laughing girl and Flash, the silly sloth from Zootopia share the same sleepy grin.


8. Jean Sarkozy and Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast are indeed one of the most accurate lookalikes you could possibly ever see. Of course, the reason behind their head might be their French origins. Jean Sarkozy is the son of the former French president. On the other hand, Prince Adam is also French.


9. The kid is clearly seen to be wearing a wig and but he just has so many similarities with Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6.


10. Her ambitious eyes and rosy cheeks look very similar to the Merida from Brave.


11. Steve Harvey looks a lot like the Disney character, Mr Potato Head. Also, their comic timings are equally good.


12. This could probably because of the head gear they both are wearing but Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands looks a lot like Merriweather from Sleeping Beauty.


Sama ke???

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